An advanced tumor-specific approach
to cancer immunotherapy

Oncos Therapeutics

Oncos Therapeutics has developed a novel immunotherapy platform based on engineered oncolytic viruses armed with potent immune-stimulating transgenes. Adenovirus was chosen as the backbone of Oncos' lead products based on clinical data demonstrating that adenovirus has a unique ability to both prime and boost immune responses in clinical settings, targeting a wide range of diseases. This inborn feature of adenovirus can also be harnessed to attack cancer. Its anti-tumor efficacy can be significantly enhanced by arming the virus with immune-stimulating transgenes.

Oncos' technology has been shown to induce a tumor-specific, protective memory response in immune competent animals. In preliminary clinical use, the company's two lead compounds have demonstrated a promising safety profile and provided initial support for Oncos' goal of developing products with a tailored immune response targeted against each patient's unique cancer cells.

Phase II clinical testing of Oncos' lead product ONCOS-102 will begin in 2014.

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